The Drum Set

Beginner Drum Lesson No 1…

This page deals with content that will help beginners to understand what you need to learn first in order to progress and develop in the fastest possible time.

One of the first things you will need to know is what elements make up the drum kit.  It is important to learn each name of the drum set because whether you search for information online or you are following online drum lessons knowing the drum set names will help you to understand exactly what is being referred to when learning.

5 piece drum kit with cymbals and hardware and drum set names!

What Drum Lessons Should Come Next?

Once you learn the drum set names your next task is to learn how to read drum sheet music and how to count time.  Many drummers decide not to focus on this but drum lessons beginners would strongly advise that you do.  The reason is very simple. when you learn a language you don’t just learn how to speak it you learn how to read and write that language as well.  Learning any musical instrument is exactly the same, learning to read and understand even just the basics will help you develop much quicker and you’ll learn a hell of a lot more techniques than if you didn’t.

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