Easy Drum Beats

Put your practice to the test with these Easy Drum Beats!

If you have learned how to read drum sheet music and have learnt the first few lessons on drum timing then you are ready to learn some EASY DRUM BEATS and improve your skills!

These drum beats will help you to progressively learn new and more complicated grooves, so fine tune your skills with these easy drum beats.

Easy Quarter Note Drum Grooves

Let us pick up from where we left off.  In the last lesson you learnt how to develop your timing with quarter note grooves so it makes sense to pick up from there and learn a few drum beats that you will be able to play straight away.

If you struggle with the timing always slow down what you are doing.  The reason why you must slow down is to give your brain time to work out what your next move is.  I see so many of my students wanting to play fast to soon.  Speed is always a by product of playing slowly so don’t be impatient, honestly you’ll thank me for this advice!


Easy Drum Beat 1

Although this may seem easy to start with be careful as you can easily lose the kick and snare falling simultaneously.  Focus on playing the hi hat, snare drum and bass at exactly the same time.  Also to challenge your self try adding a fill in or change to one of the other beats after your have learnt them.  It is just as important to learn how to go from one beat to another just as it is to learn drum beats soon there own.

Easy Drum Beat 2

Lets change the beat slightly by moving the snare and bass drum around so that they play on different beats.  Basically it’s veryy straight forward, simply play two kick drums followed by two snares drums.  EASY!

Easy Drum Beat 3

Ok let’s move to something with which consists of more kick drums than snare drums.  This is an interesting but easy beat changing the snare pattern to create an interesting drum groove.

Easy Drum Beat 4

Take this easy drum beat slowly at first and make sure you are counting so that you know which beat you are playing at all times.  I have included this drum beat because it can easily throw you timing wise if you are not counting either out loud or in your head, so you know what to do…. get counting!

Tips for Easy Drum Beats

Make sure you keep the pace slow if the beats are new to you.  You will find that being able to play the beats fast will soon come.

If you find that you are tensing up as you play the drum beats try to remain relaxed and controlled.  One big problem drummers face is staying relaxed all the time.  Check out some of the top drummer and you will find whether they are playing easy drum beats or difficult beats they a equally relaxed all of the time.

Make sure you are aware of where the beat or count is at all times.  This will not only help you with your drum timing it will also help you with understanding the structure of a song and how and where you should fit in.

Practices these drum beats until you can play them at a variety of tempos (fast/slow) and until you can go from one drum beat to the other seamlessly and without stopping.  Once you can do this you have mastered these Easy Drum Beats.

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