Choosing A Starter Drum Set

Choosing A Starter Drum Set

With so much choice and so many different makes shapes and sizes choosing a starter drum set can be a daunting task.

There is a huge range of drum sets out there to choose from but what are the factors that make one kit different from another.
The two types of basic kit.

1. The standard Rock Kit – Suited for … huh … well rock / metal / indie etc
2. The Fusion Kit – is more typically (although not exclusively) used in jazz music.  Mainly because the drum sizes are smaller offering higher drum tones.

Typically for a starter drum set most people go for the rock kit.  This is basically because there is more choice available in the beginners drum set range!

So, my advice for a beginners drum set is opt for the ROCK KIT….you won’t be disappointed and they sound great!
Elements of the drum kit.

Drum kits come in all shapes, colors, sizes, finishes, woods etc etc.  But where should you start and what is right for you?  Well we’ve established that a rock kit might be the best place to start but what are the elements that make up a drum kit?
The Standard 5 piece drum kit.

Many new drummers (and veterans) often get confused by the term ‘5 piece drum kit’ but it is actually very simple.  5 piece means 5 individual drums elements.

1. Bass Drum
2. Snare
3. Small Tom
4. Large Tom
5. Floor Tom


Above is a picture of a 5 piece Pearl, Forum drum kit with cymbals and accessories.  The Forum is considered to be one of the best quality entry-level drum set in the world

Cymbals and Hardware

So what’s missing ‘cos I’m sure something is?  We still need to add all the hardware and the cymbal(s).


In addition to the five pieces above we must also add all hardware and any additional cymbals.  For a beginner drum set one to two cymbals are usually added plus the essential hi-hats.

They are:

Hi-Hat – Two Cymbals that are placed on a stand together direct to your left.
Ride Cymbal – Large Cymbal usually place to your right of the drum kit.
Crash Cymbal – Slightly smaller than the ride and if one crash is owned placed on you left side of the kit.

The above information assumes your set up the drum kit for right handed playing.  If you are left handed set the cymbals up the opposite way round.

Hardware/Accessories includes:

Cymbal Stands (number depends on how many cymbals you have?).
Snare drum stand.
Hi-Hat Stand – Holds the hi-hat cymbals that are mounted on the stand one on top of the other.  The stand has a foot pedal and when depressed draws the two hat cymbals together.
Bass Drum Pedal – Attaches to the bass drum
Throne or for peasants like a Drum Stool – It’s worth buying a drum stool rather than opting for that beat up office chair because a drum stool can be adjusted and will aid posture which in turns has a big impact on your technique.
Drum Key – Your number one tool as it will keep you kit in tune.
Phew! Quite a shopping list but there are now many great deals out there that allow you to buy the lot in one go!


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